Raw Whipped | 10.5oz Taos Honey

New Mexico Tea Company

Around the world, people call it by many names- creamed honey, whipped honey, honey butter, or even spun honey. We use only raw whipped crystallized honey in our cold process to achieve fine crystals for a coveted smooth texture. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away and our honey is never pasteurized. To achieve our delicately smooth and spreadable texture, we control the pace and shape of crystal formation in the honey, by gently mixing it over a period of 5 days in a cold room.

All the hives are located in northern New Mexico. The color and flavor of this fresh multi-floral Raw Amber honey range throughout the seasons as the bees collect nectars from different varieties of flowers, fruit trees, elms and junipers in the spring through sage, alfalfa, clovers, thistles, and sunflowers.

The taste is thick, robust and lingers a bit longer and less sweet on the palate than the Raw Amber Honey from Taos, NM.

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