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Flavored Oolong

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Thumbnail of Orange Blossom Oolong
The orange citrus taste combines spectacularly with the earthy oolong. A natural tasting brisk oolong thats great as an afternoon tea.
Thumbnail of Plum Oolong
The natural plum flavor complements the Wuyi Mountain dark oolong that this tea is made with. Coming together to produce a nutty, roasted flavor with sweet plum overtones.
$4.00 Plum Oolong
Thumbnail of Ginseng Oolong
Lightly oxidized Fujian oolong coated with famous Chinese ginseng powder. Energizing and sweetened with licorice powder, this is a pleasant tea anytime of day or night.
Thumbnail of Watermelon Oolong
This is a very refreshing green oolong blend with strong overtones of watermelon. Great as an iced tea or hot. Try cold steeping over night to bring out an even more intense flavor.
Thumbnail of Jasmine Orchard Oolong
A bright blend of oolong and green tea balanced with fruits from the orchard and complemented with floral notes. Makes spring come alive in your cup!
Thumbnail of Milk Oolong
This tea is similar to Tie Guan Yin in its fresh green taste but cultivated to produce an aroma similar to milk. This aroma is enhance by milk flavoring resulting a rich, buttery tea. There is also slightly less caffeine with this tea than Tie Guan Yin as our Milk Oolong contains some of the stems as well as the leaves.
$4.25 Milk Oolong
Thumbnail of Coconut Oolong | Organic
Combines floral and delicately sweet Bao Zhong (Pouchong) oolong with real juicy pineapple and creamy coconut. All the flavors blend together so well, it's almost like the tea is grown next to a coconut grove. (Though it's not!)
Thumbnail of Siberian Forest
The toasty Da Hong Pao oolong combined with a cooked black puerh is evened out with hot and cooling spices. Great for those late nights staying up reading old Slavic fairy tales and keeping Baba Yaga at bay!
Thumbnail of Maple Oolong
If you are missing the maple tree groves of Vermont or Canada, then this is the tea for you. Smells like morning breakfast, tastes like it is fresh off the tree! When brewed in the cup, this tea smells of hot maple syrup but the taste is not overly sweet, just the right amount of spice and flavor to not need any additions. The dried, blended leaves bring out the rich aroma of a toasty cabin during the cold winter holiday season.
$4.75 Maple Oolong
Thumbnail of Blue Oasis
Brewed to an oceanic color using Thai pea flower, this tea is a blend oolong and white teas of fruity, delicate notes that are sure to teleport you straight to a sandy beach.
$4.00 Blue Oasis
Thumbnail of Prickly Pear Oolong
Indulge in an oolong tea with the flavors of ripe prickly pear fruit: tart and earthy melon with a slight spiced edge.