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Tea Collections

These are the start of our tea "collections" series. They each have 9 teas that we feel go well together. Pick your favorite ones or think of them as a way to try something new. They also make great gifts if you're not sure the specific tea to buy your friend or loved one. At checkout you will be given an option to write a gift note to include with the package.
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Thumbnail of The Father's Day Collection
A collection of teas to intrigue and celebrate dearest Dad!
Thumbnail of The Fiesta Collection
Views and brews of New Mexico
Thumbnail of The Gemini Collection
Teas for Aries
Thumbnail of The Spiced Chai Collection
Sampler of our best chai teas. Includes four black chai tea varieties, two highly caffeinated chai teas (eg Roasted Mate Chai and Guayusa Chai) and two caffeine-free chai teas (eg Rooibos Masala Chai and Masala Spice Mix). The Masala Spice Mix is a blend of just the chai spices so that you may enjoy it on its own or with your favorite cup of tea to "Chai It Up!"
Thumbnail of The Earl Grey Collection
Are you a Duke or Duchess of Earl? Earl Grey tea that is! Then this is the collection for you. All of these teas and tisanes are blended with bergamot in them.
Thumbnail of The Essential Collection
All the best pure teas from each type of tea category.
Thumbnail of The Siesta Collection
Time to relax and unwind.
Thumbnail of The Emerald Collection
A survey of great green teas.
Thumbnail of The Gratitude Collection
An assortment of caffeinated and caffeine-free teas that anyone would enjoy and makes a lovely gift, for others or yourself.
Thumbnail of The Bright Sky Collection
Have a great day with hand picked tea to brighten anyone's mood, no matter the weather!
Thumbnail of The Radiant Collection
Look, feel and radiate your best self.
Thumbnail of The Sunshine Collection
Teas that make for great iced tea.