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Media Requests

Welcome bloggers, reporters, and any other tea enthusiasts interested in writing about our tea on your platform. We have set up a sample request form just for you!

What you get

We will ship 1 to 2 ounces of any tea you request for free.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please limit your selection to 2 or 3 teas at a time
  • You must make your first post about the tea within 2 weeks of receiving your samples
  • Each tea should have its own post
  • Each post must include at least one of your own pictures, and a link to the item on our site.
  • Your review does not have to be positive, but please make it constructive.
    Example: If you don't like peach, don't blame the tea for tasting like peach. If a tea is supposed to taste like peach, but you find that it does not meet your expectations, you should write about that.

Request Form

Fill out my online form.


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Tea Images:

Feel free to use any of our images in your post. Each tea has multiple angles, and a label image on their page.