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Pure Green Oolong

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Thumbnail of Tie Guan Yin
Tie Guan Yin is sweet and thick with a hint of orchid aftertaste. The look of this brew is a subtle yellowish-green, and the first steeping unfurls the rolled tea leaf to reveal large, juicy green leaves. It tastes much like its aroma: Bright and incredibly fresh, with sweet, mellow grassy undertones. This oolong holds up to a surprising number of re-steepings, rewarding the palette with various incarnations of sweet, smooth, tangy, and lively flavors.
$4.50 Tie Guan Yin
Thumbnail of Bamboo Mountain Oolong
Offering a full, sweet, floral fragrance in the classic Taiwan green oolong style, this tea hails from the Zhushan region, or “Bamboo Mountain.” Low oxidation and light roasting contribute to the bright, floral fragrance and sweet, crisp body. A lighter brew than the more roasted oolongs, but with an equally long finish and multi-layered character.