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Yerba Mate

Thick and full-bodied, Mate is rich in mateine and was used as caffeine in Latin America before the advent of coffee. Sourced from a superb grower in Brazil, this Mate is a relatively broad-leafed variety with some stalk. When infused it produces a robust cup with hints of green tea grassiness, oak, tobacco, and a faint touch of squash.

Mate was first discovered by the Guaraná, a people who inhabited the region that includes southern Brazil, Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina. According to legend, the plant was discovered by divine intervention. The story goes that many centuries ago, the goddesses of the Moon and Clouds decided to pay Earth a visit. They touched down in the jungle and were greeted by a vicious Yaguaretá, a type of jaguar. Just as they were about to be attacked, an old man appeared out of the trees and fought off the beast saving their lives. To repay him for this heroic act, the goddesses presented the old man with a new type of plant, mate, with which he could prepare a "drink of friendship". The old man prepared the beverage for his family and from there, its popularity grew, steadily becoming the drink of choice for Latin American social gatherings.

While still a relatively novel commodity in North America, Mate's popularity in parts of Latin America is massive. In Uruguay consumption is so widespread that the government saw fit to enact a law that bans Mate drinking while driving for fear of accidents caused by spilling hot water. In Argentina, where mate is the national drink, it is not uncommon to see people toting calabash gourds, (the traditional container), and thermoses for rapid preparation on the go. Many Argentinean gas stations even provide free hot water to travelers so they can prepare a cup.

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Thumbnail of Yerba Mate - Smoked with Stems | Organic
Discover the deep and satisfying taste of this organic yerba mate, featuring authentic, aged, and rich organic flavor. Specially aged for 24 months and smoked to perfection, this yerba mate is exclusively produced in Paraguay, offering a unique and authentic South American experience.
Thumbnail of Roasted Mate | Organic
In recent years, the popularity of Yerba Matte has finally begun to take hold around the world as an alternative to tea and coffee. This roasted Matte has a pleasingly light astringent, smooth, roasty character that comes from the roasting process the leaves undergo after plucking. It makes a perfect pick me up in the morning since it contains more caffeine than coffee or tea, and is also rich in Vitamin C and other naturally occurring nutrients and antioxidants. It is said in parts of South America "when one offers Matte, he offers friendship.
Thumbnail of Green Mate | Organic
Produced exclusively by Pajarito in Paraguay. This is made using the same process Pajarito has used for over 90 years. This green yerba mate has a large leaf cut, with stems, and is lightly smoked with no added dust. It has been aged for 24 months to produce a soft rich lasting flavor.
Thumbnail of Baya Bonita Mate
Sweet, bright, and peppy mate blend with fruit.
Thumbnail of Yerba Mate - Air Dried | Organic
This premium unsmoked yerba mate, crafted with care in Brazil, offers an authentic taste and the health benefits of the traditional South American beverage. Being 100% smoke-free and 100% certified organic, this air-dried yerba mate provides a pure, clean, and satisfying flavor profile. Featuring large leaf cuts with no dust, it ensures a smoother and more refined drinking experience. Additionally, the special aging process results in a less green, less bitter flavor, setting this yerba mate apart from the competition.
Thumbnail of Mango Mate Energizer
Whether it be a first cup in the morning, or a cup to combat an afternoon slump, this energizing Mate is perfect. Packed with mango pieces and ginseng, it will get you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Thumbnail of Roasted Mate Chai
Looking for an all natural Chai with an extra kick? Look no further. Roasted Mate Chai with its heady blend of Brazilian mate and rich spices. The kick comes from the caffeine content of mate, sometimes called matteine, which is generally higher than that of black tea.
Thumbnail of Mate Carnival
Full bodied and smooth. The roasted character imparts a coffee-like toast flavor, aided by the addition of coffee beans. Rich in mateine, which like caffeine is recognized as a stimulant. In fact many people find that they are more stimulated drinking mate then coffee, but without the jittery after effects associated with coffee. If your trying to quit drinking coffee, but find teas effects too subtle, mate is worth a try.
Thumbnail of Energize
Energy boost with a bit of mental clarity.
$4.75 Energize