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Green Tea: Mint Blends

Green Tea's blended with mint combines the refreshing taste of mint with the delicate and subtle flavors of green tea. These blends offer a sensory experience that captures the natural harmony of these two ingredients, creating an invigorating and uplifting cup of tea.

Brewing Instructions:

For Green Tea Mint Blends from China and Japan, use 1 teaspoon of tea per 8 oz of water. Heat water to 175-185°F (80-85°C) and steep for 2-3 minutes. Adjust steeping time, temperature, and amount of tea for desired strength.

Iced Tea Brewing:

There are two popular methods to brew iced tea: the traditional method and the cold brew method. Both methods have their merits, but cold brewing often results in a smoother and less bitter taste. The following recipes are for brewing a gallon of iced tea at a time, using about 1 oz (3 heaping tablespoons) of tea.

Traditional Method:

  1. Heat a half-gallon of water to 175-185°F (80-85°C) and pour it over 1 oz (3 heaping tablespoons) of tea leaves in a heat-resistant container.
  2. Steep for 3-4 minutes. Be careful not to allow the tea to become bitter. Sampling often as it's brewing will help you familiarize yourself with a new tea.
  3. Fill a separate container with a half-gallon of ice, and pour the hot tea over the ice, allowing it to melt and dilute the tea concentrate.
  4. Serve the diluted tea over ice in individual glasses.

Cold Brew Method:

  1. Add 1 oz (3 heaping tablespoons) of tea leaves to a gallon of cold water in a pitcher or container.
  2. Cover and refrigerate for 6-12 hours, depending on the desired strength.
  3. Strain the leaves and serve over ice in individual glasses.

Feel free to sweeten your iced tea with honey, sugar, or other sweeteners according to your taste preference. To ensure easy dissolving, make a syrup with hot water and honey or sugar before adding it to the cold tea. Adding sweeteners can enhance the mint flavor and complement the smoothness of the iced tea, making it even more refreshing on a warm day.


While the tradition of blending tea with mint is not native to China or Japan, these blends have gained popularity in the West for their invigorating flavor and potential health benefits. Green tea has a long history in both China and Japan, dating back thousands of years, and it is deeply rooted in their cultures. Mint, on the other hand, has been used for its medicinal and culinary properties since ancient times in various regions of the world, including the Mediterranean, Europe, and the Middle East. As the appreciation for tea continues to grow globally, Green Tea Mint Blends offer a delightful way to enjoy the best of both worlds, combining the ancient tea cultures of China and Japan with the refreshing qualities of mint.

Possible Health Benefits:

Green Tea Mint Blends not only provide the health benefits associated with green tea, such as antioxidants and potential support for heart health, but may also offer additional benefits from the mint leaves. Some studies suggest that mint can aid in digestion, help relieve headaches, and provide a natural energy boost. However, more research is needed to confirm these effects.

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