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Shipping FAQ

How much does shipping cost?

You can choose how much shipping to pay! If your having trouble deciding you can read our blog post about it.

Which shipping service do you use?

We use USPS, FedEx Express 2day, and UPS Ground. They all have their advantages and disadvantages and we try to utilize each one for what they are good at.

Which service will my package be sent with?

In general:

  • 1oz - 16oz: USPS First Class

  • 1lb - 3lb: FedEx 2day

  • 3lb-10lb: USPS Priority

  • Over 10lb: UPS Ground

If you're shipping to a PO Box then we will always use USPS. If you have a particular preference please write it in the comment field at checkout. We will try to accommodate your desire.

If you pick free shipping we are always going to use the least expensive way to send you the order.

How do I get my package shipped express?

Almost always shipping tea overnight or express is not worth it. Most all the services we use will get anywhere in the country in 2 days anyway. If you must have it shipped overnight please choose the “Pay it forward” option and then contact us and we will arrange for it to be packed and shipped as fast as possible.

My package shows as being delivered, but I never got it, what do I do?

Your package probably was shipped with insurance, however once a package has been marked as delivery then the postal carrier will no longer accept responsibility for it. Even if they didn't actually deliver it!

It's important to call the local post office (or fedex, or ups) right away if your package is missing. We have found that sometimes they mark it delivered the day before, and it actually shows up the following day.

Sometimes it's also delivered to your neighbors, please try and check with them as well. 

My package was stolen from my porch before I got it, what happens now?

Once a package is in the “mail stream” (meaning we gave it to the shipping company, and it was scanned in) then we don't have any control over its delivery, or responsibility for it.

Having said that, we try and work with our customers whose packages are stolen (the postal service says follow up with home insurance, which is of course ridiculous).

If your package is marked as delivered but you did not receive it then we will reship the package the first time it happens. After that we will replace a delivered (but lost) package for 50% of the cost of the original order, but not more than once a year.

We offer a signature required delivery option at checkout which means that they have to get someone to sign for the package. It can slow down delivery, however it's the safest way to make sure you get your package.

I don't like a tea I bought, can I return it?

We do not accept returns on tea because it is a food item. We recommend you buy a small amount of a tea your unfamiliar with to make sure you like it.

If you are familiar with a tea and something has changed, then please let us know. Sometimes there are blending mistakes. Small batch blending does result in some variation between batches, but it should not be drastically different.

I received the wrong tea...?

Sometimes we do send the wrong item; please let us know for a reshipment or a store credit. More often then that we simply put the wrong label on the pouch. 

We pack everything to order for you when you order it, which sometimes means there are mistakes. We are not going to ask you to send the wrong tea back, so please open the pouch and confirm that it is the incorrect item. 


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This article has 3 comments:

Renee - 1/29/2021
What if I want tea shipped to new Zealand to a former customer who misses your tea?
carl larsen - 8/5/2021
i hate to be pedantic, but in the first paragraph of the "i don't like the tea i bought..." section you should recommend we buy a small amount of tea you're, not "your", familiar with.
Davidgoopy - 12/25/2022
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