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Black Tea With Floral Flavors

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Thumbnail of Black Jasmine Cream
Green and black tea come together with this sweet and fruity tea. An initial jasmine taste quickly gives way to a fruity sherbet aftertaste. If you like sweet creamy teas with milk and sugar this one is sure to please.
Thumbnail of Rosie Earl Grey
An intriguing twist to traditional Earl Grey. Rose petals make a striking visual display and add an interesting delicious floral note to the rich black tea and citrus.
Thumbnail of French Blend
This French blend has a bright coppery color and Ooh-la-la floral notes from "creme de la vanille", Jasmine and Lavender, deliciously blended with flavorful Ceylon's, pungent Assam's, and malty Kenya's. Truly a unique and wonderful tea.
$3.25 French Blend
Thumbnail of Vintage Earl Grey
A sophisticated twist to an undeniably sophisticated black tea. Vintage Earl Grey adds the subtleties of rose and lavender to the familiar well-loved tradition of Italian orange bergamot for a smashing afternoon delight. Enjoyed with an intimate circle of friends or in your own personal retreat time, this soothing and lively combination will stir memories of pleasant times well spent.
Thumbnail of India Rose
The bees and the flowers work in harmony to create this beautiful floral blend that sings of fields of rose bushes sweetened with a hint of honey. Not too floral and not too sweet; just the right blend for an afternoon treat!
$3.75 India Rose