The Albuquerque Tribune
By Tamara Shope
Monday, January 15, 2007

Dinosaurs, sculptures and high-wire bicycles are far from the only cool things to be found on Mountain Road Northwest at the edge of Old Town.

And the street seems to be getting more chic by the minute.Take, for example, New Mexico Tea Company and its ultra-hip owner, David Edwards.

Edwards knows just about everything there is to know about tea, and he's more than happy to share that information. His shop, 1131 Mountain Road N.W., sells nothing but the best varieties - try the blueberry rooibos - as well as high-quality incense, sleek pots and local art. (He'd love it, by the way, if local artists wanted to sell their teapots there, too.)

What he doesn't do is sell the tea by the cup. He wants you to enjoy it all at home.