Local IQ

Mountain RoadDavid Edwards is a young entrepreneur who knows more about tea than one man should. It’s a good thing too, because he is the owner of New Mexico Tea Company, located next to FHAB. And while he doesn’t actually serve tea, he will happily show you the proper tea-brewing technique. He too, is enthusiastic about the growth of the area.

“Everyone is interested in the (Mountain Road) area,” Edwards related, “and they care about it. Many (of the owners) live in the area too.”

His passion for tea is catching; so much so that Sunshine, Golden Crown, and the recently-established walk-up coffee shop, Caffe Michelangelo, have begun to carry many varieties of Edwards’ tea. Tea tastings are offered every Saturday at 9a, and Chinese Tea Classes (for $35) are held every Saturday, from 9-11a. [NOTE: check times and avalibleity of events on our events page]