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Darjeeling Limited | 7 Tea Gift Pack


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We have put together a gift pack of 7 Darjeeling teas, 2oz each, to celebrate a buying trip we recently took to Darjeeling. You can read about the trip on our blog.

This pack includes:
  • Autumn Oolong: A oolong from Glenburn Estate

    The ultimate "whole leaf" tea, with the leaf intact and unbroken right through to the infusion, this lightly oxidized Oolong tea has a bright reddish appearance once brewed. The cup is full-bodied, yet mellow and round and so is light on the palate with a beautiful floral bouquet.

  • Moonshine First Flush: Glenburn Estate

    This tea pushes the boundaries of what a first flush Darjeeling is. It's picked in early spring but goes through a very short withering period and a light oxidation.

  • First Flush: Okayti Estate (Organic)

    The epitome of "Darjeeling". A lightly astringent vegetal taste that comes from the Chinese tea bushes that have been cultivated in Darjeeling for centuries.

  • Second Flush: Giddapahar Estate

    Second flush Darjeeling is more oxidized than the first flush, so it has a deeper color and more "black tea" taste. This tea is picked in early summer.

  • Third Flush Monsoon: Sourenee Estate (Organic)

    During the Monsoon season (Late summer) in Darjeeling, the bushes get a lot more water, which increases their growth. And gives this flush its distinctive characteristics.

  • Fourth Flush: Makaibari Estate (Organic)

    Also known as Autumnal Flush, offers a full-bodied, smooth flavor with warm, musky tones. It's harvested in the cool, crisp autumn months, giving it a unique, mature taste.

  • Green Tea: Giddapahar Estate

    Most teas from Darjeeling are considered black tea. But the leaves that go into this tea are processed like a green tea. That is to say, it is cooked early in the process to stop the oxidation. A rare find.

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