New Mexico Tea Company

All the flavors of a biscochito cookie in a cup - and none of the calories! A staple of the New Mexican holiday season, the biscochito is a flat, crumbly, butter-based cookie livened up with anise seed and cinnamon for a warming bite.

Extra Info:

Did you know that not only does each state in the union have their own representative bird, flower, tree and flag but that there are also a state cookie?! For New Mexico, that's the Biscochito! These spicy, anise-flavored cookies were first introduced to Mexico by Spanish settlers who brought the recipe from Spain; however the biscochito was only declared the official state cookie by the New Mexico Legislature in 1989. State symbols represent the cultural heritage & natural treasures of each state. The trend for state symbols started with a "National Garland of Flowers" created for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, made of representative flowers from each state.