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Yellow Teas White Tea

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Thumbnail of Huoshan Huangya - Yellow Tea
This rare Yellow tea is from the Huo Mountains (Huoshan) in the Anhui province of China. The name Huangya means Yellow Sprout. The process for creating yellow teas is similar to green teas with the difference being a slower drying period for yellow than green teas. The leaves are also covered with a damp cloth whilst still warm after dehydration, which triggers a slight oxidation through steaming, leaving the leaves with a yellowish tinge.
Thumbnail of Camellia Tulsi - Yellow Tea
This mellow tea is blended with the citrusy Rama tulsi.
Thumbnail of Sunday Symphony - Yellow Tea
Ready to unwind from a hectic week by enjoying the classics? This tea will put you in the mood being a light brew with nutty, floral undertones and finishing with a delicate fruit touch that is sure to please everyone. Which composer or musician do you hear in this cup?