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White Pu-erh

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Thumbnail of Wenshan White Pu-erh
Yunnan Chitsu Pingcha is produced from pu-erh tea, through a process of special fermentation, aging, steaming and compressing. It's characterized by a bright red-yellow infusion, pure-high aroma and sweet mellow taste. It promotes digestion, is thirst-quenching, and is even used to cure hangovers. Drinking daily may also aide in weight-loss.
Thumbnail of White Pu-Erh: Mandarin Orange

Besides the obvious fact that the tea is packed in an orange, the care of craftsmanship used to get it in there cannot be underestimated. From the careful plucking of centuries old tea bushes, to the rolling on wide wicker baskets and the natural wood fires used to flash heat the mandarin orange peel, everything is done entirely by hand. Firing the orange peel serves to kill any microorganisms that may be present.

The cup it produces is outstanding. A light yellow liquor resembling chamomile tea leads to a medium body with a gentle astringent assertiveness, sweet notes of citrus, honey and vanilla and a surprisingly clean finish. One of the China's most interesting and uniquely rare teas! (An excellent pu-erh for the first time drinker!) Make some news in your shop today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Orange peel is not intended for consumption.