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Enjoying a beverage can take many different forms and shapes across the world. This is a unique collection of some of those vessels used from South America to Asia.
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Thumbnail of Floral | 5 Cup & Saucer Set
Time for a spring tea party! This set comes with five cups and saucers in a beautiful mix-and-match floral design. Packaging is suitable for a gift or off-season storage.
Thumbnail of Mini Matcha Chawan 8 oz | Multiple Styles
These small matcha bowls (or chawans) are perfect for the individual cup of matcha. Since the 12th century, Japanese people have been enjoying green tea in powdered form (matcha). Delight in the same enjoyment throughout all the seasons.

Japanese Flower Symbology
Sakura - or cherry blossoms, time of renewal, accomplishment
Hydrangea - Heartfelt emotions
Violet - Noble, trustworthy, sincerity
Lavender - Love
Maple - Changes

Thumbnail of Indigo Yabane | Mug
Thumbnail of Indigo Uroko | Mug
Thumbnail of Diana Tea Cup and Saucer
Beautiful, traditional white porcelain tea cup and saucer.
Thumbnail of Iris | Gaiwan

Gaiwans are a traditional Chinese lidded bowl, without handles, used for the infusion and consumption of tea, consisting of a bowl, a lid, and a saucer representing people, heaven and earth, respectively.

$24.00 Iris | Gaiwan