Tea Tool Set

New Mexico Tea Company
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Dimensions: 8x3.25x0.5"

This beautiful, compact tea tool set has everything you need to serve tea in a traditional manner whilst also being functional and great for travel! The set comes in a case made of woven cotton fabric of navy blue flower design with spaces to hold each tool individually. All four tools are carved from bamboo and include a large scoop, tweezers, pin/needle and small spoon.

The large scoop, or cha ze 茶则, is ideal for measuring the ideal amount of tea as well as displaying the loose leaf. The tweezers, cha jia 茶夹, can be used to pick up hot cups/lids or removing tactless tea leaves in cups, whilst the tea pin/needle, cha zhen 茶针, is used for clearing the small tea leaves which can block the filter holes in Yixing teapots. The tea spoon, cha shi 茶匙, is used to transfer tea leaves from the tea holder to your tea pot or your gaiwan.

A great addition to our Mountain Tea Tray or Gaiwans.

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Care Instructions

Hand rinse with hot water. Do not use soap. To remove stains, use a dash of baking soda and hot water.

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