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Sweet Rooibos

These rooibos blends use all natural flavors to achieve a sweet flavor. Rooibos is caffeine free but still has many of the same health properties as tea.
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Thumbnail of Blood Orange Rooibos | Organic
Blood Orange Rooibos is our most popular herbal blend. It has many levels of flavor ranging from the citrus orange with a light vanilla undertone, to the malty rich rooibos base.

This is the only rooibos blend that does NOT go well with cream.

Thumbnail of Caramel Darling
A rich thick brew of Rooibos and caramel. This tisane makes a good cup before bed, as Rooibos is relaxing, and promotes restful sleep. Also great with milk or as an iced tea.
Thumbnail of Chocolate Mint Rooibos
All the health benefits of Rooibos with the taste of dessert. Rooibos (African Red Bush) has no caffeine which makes it a perfect drink after dinner. This Rooibos also is relaxing, and promotes restful sleep.
Thumbnail of Bourbon Street Vanilla
Rooibos is already sweet and smooth, but the addition of vanilla enhances both of those aspects of Rooibos.
Thumbnail of Rainbow Amaretto Rooibos
Add some milk and sugar to this rooibos and the amaretto comes alive. It's like drinking a cookie.
Thumbnail of Cascadia Licorice
The natural rich rooibos flavor is complimented with delicate notes of anise and peppermint. This makes a delicious and helpful after dinner-brew as a digestive stimulant.
Thumbnail of Godiva Rooibos
This blend begins with a peak quality Cederberg Rooibos known for its herbaceous character and long smooth finish. Added to this is chopped pieces of pure vanilla, decadent morsels of cacao bean and peel, natural flavoring oils and sunflower petals. The resulting blend is a true stunner. The cup opens with the approachable sweetness of vanilla bean offset by deep notes of chocolate and hints of chopped nuts, citrus and orchid.
Thumbnail of Root Beer Rooibos
The key ingredient to our unique in-house blend is the sarsparilla root, which gives this tea its distinct Old-West taste and the inspiration for our label.
Thumbnail of Dutch Licorice Rooibos
Dutch Licorice Rooibos is as close as one can get to liquid licorice candy in a cup. Unlike Cascadia Rooibos, which has spicer licorice tones, Dutch Licorice is as sweet on the palate as it is on the nose.
Thumbnail of Apple Spice Rooibos | Organic
The delight of an apple pie in a cup without all the calories! Just like mom used to make.
Thumbnail of Chaco Rooibos
This tea has been blended specially for the new Hotel Chaco near Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is a unique blend of "New Mexico Warm Earth" combining the richness of chocolate with the mellow notes of sage and cedar. The perfect blend to help you unwind.
Thumbnail of Cactus Nectar | Organic
Organic: Green Rooibos, Orange Peel, Pineapple, Spearmint, Osmanthus Flowers, Flavors
Thumbnail of Honeybush Banana Nut
Smooth honeyed notes sing with toasted nuts and sweet banana in this unforgettable dessert blend. If a slice of fresh banana bread makes you smile, this blend is a must try.
Thumbnail of Maple Pecan Danish
Decadent maple syrup notes with sweet pecans and smooth barley round out this perfectly cozy herbal blend
Thumbnail of Hazelnut Honeybush
Honeybush Hazelnut combines the gentle roasted flavor of South African honeybush with sweet, creamy hazelnuts. Nutty and aromatic, with a round, sweet flavor and a lingering honey-roasted finish.