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Store Closed for Walk-in

Due to the Governor's "Stay at Home" order, we will only be delivering tea through the mail, until the order is lifted. We are stopping in-store pickup and are closed to the public.

Food and beverage companies are exempt from this order because they are essential. We will continue to supply tea every day; however, we feel that encouraging people to pick up their orders is against the spirit of the directive.

We have the ability to ship your order (and offer free shipping @ www.nmteaco.com), so there is no excuse to continue to allow in-person sales at this time. As much as we have enjoyed seeing each of you, and being a haven for tea lovers in ABQ, now is the time to temporarily close the doors.

Is this the correct action? We have no idea! We are trying to do our best in these times of uncertainty to make the right calls.

Because of everyone's enthusiasm for ordering tea online this past week, we have not had to lay anyone off. We have had to reduce employee hours with the closure of Uptown Tea, and now, the retail side of NM Tea Co. But as long as everyone keeps ordering tea online, we will be able to maintain a level of employment that works for everyone indefinitely.

I am proud of and humbled by all the people who work at NM Tea Co. When Uptown Tea had to temporarily close in conjunction with ABQ Uptown shopping mall, everyone was willing to reduce their hours voluntarily so that we could absorb the staff from uptown into our team downtown. With people like them and people like you, we will come out of this stronger than we were before.

We look forward to seeing you digitally for now, and again personally when all this is over!

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This article has 2 comments:

Allison Jones-Lo - 4/26/2020
I am so glad you were able keep all you employees!
Katie - 5/5/2020
Thank you for your consideration of others and the positive attitude you and your employees have! No wonder the tea is amazing. Love Yall!!!!


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