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Reusable Infusers

This category includes infusers, strainers and filters that can assist you in your enjoyment of tea.
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Thumbnail of Tea Balls | 3 Sizes
Most people who brew loose tea are familiar with the classic tea ball. Its advantage is that its inexpensive, and functional.
Thumbnail of Tea Wand
The tea wand is a tea ball with a handle attached. Its easy to open and close, and makes for quick clean up. You can also use the wand to stir in milk and sugar, saving yourself from dirtying a spoon.
$5.50 Tea Wand
Thumbnail of Tea Strainer
This tea strainer is used if you put loose tea directly in your teapot. Hold the strainer over your cup and pour the tea through to strain any leaves that escape the pot. It can also be used to sift or push the matcha through with matcha scoop/spoon into a bowl or cup before adding the water. This removes the likelihood of clumps in your brewed matcha.
$4.00 Tea Strainer
Thumbnail of Cotton Tea Strainer
Accommodates any pot size! The fabric pocket descends into the teapot, while the framework handle rests on the body of the pot. Inverting the pouch makes emptying easy.
Thumbnail of Brew in Mug Infuser
Turn your favorite mug into an infuser tea mug!

The Brew-in-Mug Extra-fine Tea Infuser with Lid, is complete with an easy grip silicon rimmed stainless-steel lid. The infuser gives you a perfect even brew every time, and enables you to brew fine teas such as Rooibos tea to large whole-leaf teas like Oolong tea.

It fits in American standard mugs. Flip the lid and it works as an infuser holder. With this infuser, brewing your favorite cup of tea is now easier than ever!

Thumbnail of Steel Bombilla
Ideal for Yerba drinkers who prefer small leaf Yerba's as their choice.
Thumbnail of Cane Bombilla
A traditional bombilla made from cane wood. The bottom has holes to filter out the guayusa or mate from the traditional gourd cup.
Thumbnail of Folding Handle Tea Infuser

Enjoy your favorite tea everywhere you go!

The stainless infuser with extra-fine holes enables you to brew fine loose leaf teas such as Rooibos and large whole leaf teas such as Oolong. With its innovative folding capability of the infuser handles, it is compact enough to carry in your bag or keep it at your desk drawer.

Its arms provide stable support while you are making tea in the cup of your choice. It fits in cups diameter in between 2.5" (60mm) to 4.5"(120mm). It is equipped with BPA-free plastic carrying case to offer a clean portable solution for your tea infuser. The bottom of the black plastic dish can serve as a drip dish for the infuser.

To make your desired strength of tea, simply take the infuser out from the cup at the optimal time.

Thumbnail of Rainbow Unicorn Tea Infuser
Toss some tea into the unicorn's BPA-free silicone rubber hind legs. Front legs hang over the edge of a cup. Save waste and add fun to your tea-making with this reusable infuser.
Thumbnail of Porcelain Hand Strainer Set
Fun little strainer held by a small hand when not in use.
Thumbnail of Como Tea Llama Infuser
Toss some tea into the llama's bright orange, silicone body. The llama's head peeks out over the cup. Save waste and add fun to your tea-making with this reusable infuser.