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Pure Green Tea

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Thumbnail of Green Kukicha | Organic
Green Kukicha is a bright, fresh tea from Japan consisting of the yellow stems and green leaves of the tea plant. The resulting tea has less caffeine than green tea from leaves alone. In the cup, this tea produces a sweet vegetal taste true to Japanese teas with a hint of the ocean flavor.
Thumbnail of Jade Pearl
This tea may look like our Bi Luo Chun but don't let that fool you. This tea not only smells delicious, it brews into a beautiful cup of pure, Chinese green tea with a medium to light body, slight nutty quality and a smooth finish. As this tea cools, more of the vegetable notes come forward.
$4.00 Jade Pearl
Thumbnail of Uji Kyoto Matcha
Matcha is powdered green tea, and has been used in the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries and as such is normally associated with the beautifully complex, and rigid procedure.

This is the first level of ceremonial grade matcha and is the overall middle grade matcha we carry.

Thumbnail of Ceremonial Matcha | Organic
Ceremonial Matcha is made from the most tender, hand-picked young leaves of the Saemidori cultivar, possessing a smooth and savory flavor with a sweeter aroma. Ceremonial Matcha is suitable for serving in Japanese tea ceremony, welcoming esteemed guests, or indulging in the finest of green teas during times of relaxation.
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