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Enjoying a beverage can take many different forms and shapes across the world. This is a unique collection of some of those vessels used from South America to Asia.
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Thumbnail of Mate Fire Gourd
Mate is traditionally prepared in a hollowed calabash gourd known as a mate or guampa. The gourd is packed anywhere from 1/2 to 2/3 full of leaf and then filled with hot, but not boiled water (160 - 180°F). Next, a stylized silver straw tipped with a built in strainer, the bombilla, is inserted into the gourd.

The traditional way to drink Yerba Mate is fun and engaging group activity. The Cebador (server) fills the gourd and drinks the mate completely with a Bombilla (straw) to ensure that it is free of small particles and that it is of good quality. The server subsequently refills the gourd and passes it to the next drinker who likewise drinks it all. The ritual proceeds around the circle until the mate becomes lavado (washed out), typically after the gourd has been filled about eight to ten times.

Each gourd will vary in look, shape, height and diameter as this is a product manufactured from nature.
Thumbnail of Patterned Tumbler | 12oz
Thumbnail of Mini Matcha Chawan 8 oz | Multiple Styles
These small matcha bowls (or chawans) are perfect for the individual cup of matcha. Since the 12th century, Japanese people have been enjoying green tea in powdered form (matcha). Delight in the same enjoyment throughout all the seasons.

Japanese Flower Symbology
Sakura - or cherry blossoms, time of renewal, accomplishment
Hydrangea - Heartfelt emotions
Violet - Noble, trustworthy, sincerity
Lavender - Love
Maple - Changes

Thumbnail of Blue Variegated Jade
Thumbnail of White Stripe | Cup
Thumbnail of Dew Q Cups 7 oz | Multiple Colors
Ancestral Puebloan Designs reproduced in Tucson, AZ.
Thumbnail of Bunny Moon | Cup
Thumbnail of Monkey Fortune | Cup
Thumbnail of Oishi Sushi Fish | Japanese Ceramic Cup
These Japanese mugs have an assortment of fish used in sushi around the entire cup.
Thumbnail of MofuMofu Squirrel | Mug
Sweet little squirrels are immortalized with their bounty on this microwave and dishwasher safe mug.
Thumbnail of Crane and Waves | Cup
Thumbnail of Carved Lotus | Japanese Ceramic Tumbler
This lovely ceramic cup has an intriguing exterior texture and a smooth interior. Hand carved detail.
Thumbnail of Painted Wave | Cup
Thumbnail of Folk Flowers | Cup
Thumbnail of Carved Bamboo | Japanese Cup
This lovely ceramic cup has an intriguing exterior texture and a smooth interior. Hand carved detail.
Thumbnail of Checkered | Cup
Check out these checks!
Thumbnail of Stealth Ninja | Cup
This subtle design sneaks right up on you.
Thumbnail of Bronze | Japanese Cup
Metallic finish and graceful shape combine to form a cup that is reminiscent of a bell, or a stone in the sun.
Thumbnail of Matsu Take Ume | Japanese Ceramic Cup
This Japanese cup illustrates items used in the Sengoku Era (the Age of Warring States, 1467 - 1603) military conflicts around the entire cup.
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