Mia | Electric Kettle

New Mexico Tea Company
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57 oz (1.7L)
Power: 1500W, 110v
1 year warranty

4 cup / 32 ounce capacity. Illuminated switch while heating. All stainless-steel interior, plastic-free.

Manufactured In


Materials Used

High quality stainless steel, polypropylene (BPA-free material).

Care Instructions

Do not use chemical, steel, or abrasive cleaners on the outside of the kettle. Wipe with a damp cloth using a mild cleanser. Rinse out the inside of the kettle with clean water.

This kettle is for boiling pure water only. It is not recommended to steep tea in; for that you need a teapot.

High Elevation Note If you are using this kettle at high elevation (5000+ ft above sea level), please note that the boiling point of water is lower than 212 degrees F. As such, if you try to use the 212 button settling on this kettle at high elevation, the machine is not programmed to turn off when it reaches boiling and the automatic cycle will not turn off. Using the 195 setting will get the water to boiling at high elevation, just right for a cup of black tea.

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