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Matcha Whisk


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This matcha Whisk (Japanese: "chasen" ) is handmade from sustain-ably harvested bamboo and has 120 spines. The bamboo matcha whisk is a necessary tool for achieving smooth frothed matcha.

It is recommended that the whisk is prepared for use by first placing the whisk, spine side down, in a little less than 2" deep of hot water for about an hour. This allows the whisk to uncurl and be more effective. (See middle image for full unfurling.)

If you drink matcha everyday and use your whisk to prepare the matcha, you will probably need to replace the whisk 2-3 times a year. It is time to replace the whisk when breaks occur anywhere on the whisk.


  • Dimensions: 2" D x 4.25" H


Hand rinse with hot water. Do not use soap.


Eco Friendly Bamboo



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