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King of Silver NeedlesThese wispy needles need a long, warm bath to wake up. If you bought a Gaiwan because of its beauty, here is a tea which will put it to perfect use, because this tea seems to need to float freely outside of an infuser to develop its full perfume. For the first infusion, give it 3-5 minutes, or until the needles swell to become beautiful young leaf buds, and a subtle treat awaits. The liquor is an amber color, similar to a light apple cider. The aroma starts as mountain lilac with a stone fruit underneath. becoming more fruity with successive infusions. The taste is a delicate flavor of peaches in dried grass and a lilac perfume. Three minute splashes in hot water keep bringing life to these little leaves. It's expensive, but there is an evening of fragrant sipping in one set of these leaves. (Link To Product)