Jade Green Sand | 12oz Banko Kyusu

New Mexico Tea Company
Approximately 7.5x6.5x3" (16.51x13.97x8.89cm); Holds approximately 10 fl oz

Kyu Banko is a sotneware (banko) teapot (kyu) made in the Tokoname region of Japan, an area valued for producing prize-winning ceramics. The unique design of Japanese teapots can be seen in the 90 degree angle of the handle to the spout. This allow for one hand to simultaneous hold the lid whilst pouring a cup. Interior fine mesh filter completes the functionality.

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Tokoname-yaki is one of the six ancient kiln areas of Japan and is most famous for kyusu side handled teapots which have been produced since the Muromachi period (1338-1573). Tokoname clay is high in iron content and after firing produces a red-orange color known as shudei. It is also very fine and allows for unusual and intricate designs to be carved into each kyusu.

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