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Thumbnail of The Healer Tea
This herbal tea packs a major punch! To get the full benefit of this tea, it is a two-step process: First, take the jar or pouch of tea, shake it, and remove the lid. Once you are through coughing and sneezing and as soon as your eyes stop watering, proceed to step two. Brew one teaspoon of the blend in boiling water for five minutes, then enjoy the energy and immune system boost of The Healer! This spicy blend can be made into a chai-like drink with a little cream and sugar or honey.

Benefits: Immune system booster that also supports clear sinuses and promotes relief from colds, allergies, and headaches.

Small amount of green tea is in this blend makes the caffeine level very low.
Thumbnail of Gentle Twilight
A refreshing, calming blend that will ease the stress of the day away! Great late at night - NO caffeine.
Thumbnail of Lady Hannah Fruit Tisane
This tea has a very exotic flavor profile. For a summer time drink Lady Hannah's Whole Fruit is impossible to beat. It is refreshing and thirst quenching and not overly sweet. The delicious blend of lemon and strawberry flavors combined with the natural flavors and tartness of the various dried fruits create a summertime cooler.
Thumbnail of Moonlit Mesa
A unique blend of cota and fresh scent of the forest and valley that will inspire you to walk calmly in mother nature's wilderness on a full moon night.
$5.50 Moonlit Mesa
Thumbnail of Sun Temple
Lighten up with this sunny blend. Bright lemon notes and B-vitamins compliment a boost of St. John's Wort, rosemary, and a smidge of caffeine.
$3.25 Sun Temple
Thumbnail of Detox | Organic
Let go, let flow, naturally!
Thumbnail of Ruby Refresher | Organic
This is a blend of hibiscus and peppermint that is quite soothing and uplifting to the palate, as well as the spirit. Enjoy hot, or chilled over ice. Great for any time of day or night - no caffeine.
Thumbnail of Mother's Tea
$3.50 Mother's Tea
Thumbnail of Lactation Tea | Organic
Herbs in this product have been traditionally known to increase milk production.
Thumbnail of Extra Sleepy Bear
Extra Sleepy Bear is a comforting and soothing herbal blend designed to gently guide you into a peaceful slumber. Made with a delightful combination of organic herbs, this tea blend is perfect for those looking to unwind after a long day and find restful sleep. Savor a cup about an hour before bedtime, and feel free to add milk if that's your preference.
Thumbnail of Tummy Tisane | Organic
Tummy Tisane has been known to aid in the relief of upset stomach and stimulates digestion. Drink one cup of tummy tea when symptoms of minor upset stomach occur. May be taken after meals, if needed, to stimulate digestion.
Thumbnail of Essential Lemon | Organic
Used for its calming, relaxing effects. Lemon balm and lemon grass both have mild calming effects.
Thumbnail of Turmeric Citrus | Organic
Mostly turmeric with undertones of the other chai spices and a tang of lemon.
Thumbnail of Pondi Cherry
This tisane boasts a medley of cherries, cranberries. Perfect with a little bit of juice as a nice summer cooler for the kids or with a little bit of sparking white wine for an evening party spritzer. You can also use it as a base to make into popsicles!
$4.75 Pondi Cherry
Thumbnail of African Summer
Honeybush is a caffeine free plant from South Africa. It has a wonderfully sweet and slight astringent flavor with undertones of honey. The addition of citrus fruits makes this blend a great iced tea in the summer or hot soothing brew in the winter.
Thumbnail of Angel Falls Mist
A wildly exotic fruity character.
Thumbnail of Chamomile Compassion | Organic
This minimal blend of three herbs is a great afternoon blend to unwind after a long day.
Thumbnail of Midnight Blue
This is a perfect blend of calming ingredients if your looking to avoid chamomile. The lemon and mango flavors meld nicely with the two main ingredients, lavender and lemongrass.
Thumbnail of Lavender Chamomile
A relaxing blend of lavender and chamomile with a slight citrus overtone.
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