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Green tea, a product of the Camellia sinensis plant with minimal oxidation, holds a cherished history and deep cultural importance in countries such as China and Japan. Its distinctive flavor profiles, ranging from grassy and vegetal to sweet and floral, have garnered increasing popularity in the West. Along with its delightful taste, green tea's potential health benefits continue to captivate the interest of tea aficionados worldwide.

Brewing Instructions:

Use one teaspoon of tea per 8 ounces of water. Generally, use 180°F water (not boiling) for Chinese tea and 160°F water for Japanese green teas. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Higher-quality green teas may require cooler water and shorter steeping times. Start by following the specific instructions provided with your tea. Until you are familiar with it enough to know what you like!


Green tea has a long and storied history spanning nearly 5,000 years, with China and Japan playing central roles in its development and cultural significance. In ancient China, green tea was initially used for medicinal purposes before evolving into a beloved daily beverage. It was during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) that Chinese tea culture began to flourish, and the famous poet and tea connoisseur Lu Yu wrote "The Classic of Tea," an influential treatise on tea cultivation and preparation. In Japan, green tea was introduced by Buddhist monks returning from China during the 9th century. By the 12th century, tea had become an integral part of Japanese culture, with the development of the Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu, highlighting its revered status in society.

Possible Health Benefits:

Green tea has been linked to various health benefits, such as reduced mortality due to cardiovascular disease, lower prevalence of cognitive impairment, improved cholesterol levels, weight management, and alleviation of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. These benefits are attributed to its high levels of polyphenols and other antioxidants.

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Thumbnail of Jasmine Pearls | Organic
Tippy leaves are hand-rolled and scented with the finest quality Fujian jasmine flowers. It has an excellent aroma and sweet aftertaste. This tea can be steeped multiple times, with the flavor and caffeine slowly decreasing in intensity with the next cup.
Thumbnail of Casablanca | Organic
A pleasing blend of black tea, green tea and mint with a whiff of bergamot that is similar to our Moroccan Mint but with a bit of citrus. Sweet and pungent, a bracing tea to be drunk hot, iced, alone or with sugar.
Thumbnail of Matcha Izu | Organic
Izu Matcha is a fabulous example of a high quality Japanese Matcha grown in the Izu peninsula, not far from Tokyo. The tea has a pale emerald green color and when consumed on its own, frothed up with a whisk, has an almost jammy-smoothness belied by a somewhat sweetly astringent cup. The best thing to do with your matcha is experiment.
Thumbnail of Jasmine Green
This jasmine tea is a wonderful smelling hand crafted tea. Only the finest jasmine flowers are used in the process of producing this tea. Young tender green tea tips are mixed with Jasmine flowers giving this tea a great bouquet.
Thumbnail of Bi Luo Chun 碧螺春
Also known as Pi Lo Chun, this tea is renowned for its delicate appearance, vegetable taste, floral aroma, and showy white hairs.

The shape and taste of this brewed tea will change with each year's harvest. We recommend that if you have not tried this tea in several months since last ordering, it is best to re-order a smaller amount to confirm that the latest batch is to your taste.

Thumbnail of Long Jing (Dragon Well)
Also known as Dragon well is produced by hand through a 10-part process. The side of West Lake in Zhejiang Province grows the tea used to produce Dragon well. Lung Ching is distinguished by its beautiful shape, emerald color, scented smell and tending sweet floral character.
Thumbnail of Earl Grey Jasmine Monkey King
A captivating fusion of flavors that brings together the best of bergamot, jasmine, and green tea. This enchanting blend is perfect for those who appreciate the delightful nuances of each ingredient, creating a harmonious and invigorating sensory experience.
Thumbnail of Kashmiri Green Chai
Kashmiri green chai is high in antioxidants and is extremely useful to the immune system. It offers the fabulous flavors associated with traditional chai: cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. Add to this almonds, cardamom seeds, and additional cinnamon flavor; and you have something truly wonderful.
Thumbnail of High Mountain Green | Organic
The tea plants are grown high in the mountains in Hunan, China. For two hundred days a year the plants are shrouded in mountain mist. The tea leaves can be steeped hot or cold, producing a rich green tea flavor with smooth after taste.

The shape and taste of this brewed tea will change with each year's harvest. We recommend that if you have not tried this tea in several months since last ordering, it is best to re-order a smaller amount to confirm that the latest batch is to your taste.

Thumbnail of Cherry Sencha | Organic
The tea has a light liquoring, fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic character.
Thumbnail of Gyokuro
Gyokuro (meaning "precious dew") is a shaded green tea and considered one of the finest green teas in Japan. Infusion produces a light green color and a deep, complex flavor. Gyokuro has a unique sweetness since shade allows the tea to retain a high Theanine and chlorophyll content.
$10.50 Gyokuro
Thumbnail of Lavender Green | Organic
This tea is a unique blend of green tea, lavender and peppermint herbs, particularly because lavender is actually the main aroma and flavor of the tea. In most cases, peppermint tends to dominate a blend; in this tea, the peppermint actually enhances the flavor of the lavender, while lingering only in the background as a subtle hint and aftertaste. If ever there was a good bedtime green tea, this blend would be it. (Though green teas before bed are only recommended for those who have cultivated an immunity to caffeine!)
Thumbnail of Biscochito
All the flavors of a biscochito cookie in a cup - and none of the calories! A staple of the New Mexican holiday season, the biscochito is a flat, crumbly, butter-based cookie livened up with anise seed and cinnamon for a warming bite.
$3.75 Biscochito
Thumbnail of Kabuse Cha | Organic

Kirameki Sencha ( ) - now called Kabuse Cha - carries the nuance of shimmering light as it dances on and through cool, refreshing water. The leaves produce tea that is light and refreshing, perfect as a cool drink to quench your thirst on hot summer days.

Grown on a south-facing hillside, the fields have good exposure to the sun and wind. Combining the strong summer sun, more mature leaves and the two-week covering technique used in producing Kabuse Sencha, the characteristic of the tea leaves is that its sweetness is light and refreshing.

Label to be updated shortly.
Thumbnail of Crime of Passion
The blend has as its base a Sencha style green tea manufactured in Hunan Province in South Eastern China. Sencha green teas typically have dark green, needle shaped leaves and produce a pale green to yellow, very bright, smooth cup with a sweetish, honey like finish. The natural sweetness of this green tea makes it perfectly suited for blending with our dried Papaya pieces and natural passion fruit flavorings.
Thumbnail of Hojicha
Because Hojicha is roasted it gives this tea a mellow, slightly nutty flavor. The roasting process also produces low-caffeine, making it a wonderful evening tea.
$3.75 Hojicha
Thumbnail of Lemon Gunpowder
A robust blend of tart lemon with the sweetness of green tea makes this tea excellent iced or hot. The robust flavor of the tea is produced from the rolling of the leaves which breaks down the leaves cells, bring the flavor to the surface. Combine this with the high acidity of the lemon makes this tea great for recharging your batteries in the afternoon or to start one's engine in the morning.
Thumbnail of Moroccan Mint | Organic
A refreshing blend of green tea and mint, this tea suggests cool Mediterranean breezes along a hot afternoon desert. Made with tightly rolled gunpowder green tea to ensure briskness.
Thumbnail of Sencha | Organic
Organic Premium Sencha brews a bright, vegetal flavor that is slightly savory with a clean mineral finish. Robust enough to serve with food but is also delicious chilled. The second or third infusion yields a smooth, almost buttery mid-note.
Thumbnail of Jasmine Nights Green
Jasmine Nights is a lovely blended green tea with a hint of mint and the light aroma and aftertaste of Jasmine and Cardamom. It is light, energetic, delicate-bodied tea, perfect for cool summer nights. It is an especially good green tea for those that dislike the grassy flavor of more pure greens. And because it is a blend, it is also more forgiving during the brewing process than pure green teas.
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