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Green (Sheng) Pu-erh

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Thumbnail of Guangnan Green Pu-erh
Yunnan Chitsu Pingcha is produced from pu-erh tea, through a process of special fermentation, aging, steaming and compressing. It’s characterized by a bright red-yellow infusion, pure-high aroma and sweet mellow taste. It promotes digestion, is thirst-quenching and is even used to cure hang-overs. Drinking daily may also aide in wight-loss.
Thumbnail of Green Pu-Erh: Mandarin Orange
Mandarin packed pu-erh is one of China's more unique tea offerings. What's even better than the way this tea looks, is how it tastes.

The tea-packed oranges are stored in a cool dry location, allowing the tea to ferment and dry within the peel. As the tea ages, the peel and leaf both turn a deep brown. Fermenting in this manner infuses the leaf of earthy pu-erh with highlights of light citrus notes. The brew is clear, tending, golden yellow.

NOTE: Orange peel is not intended for consumption.
Thumbnail of Green Leaf Sheng Puerh
Refreshing, smoky and cool aroma that is both sweet and slightly brisk in flavor.
Thumbnail of Witch's Broom Raw Pu-erh
A bizarre and wonderful tea. This aged green puerh tea is made up of extraordinarily large tea leaves that have been gathered into small bundles that resemble traditional brooms, hence the name. It has a marvelous flavor and delivers a light, woodsy aftertaste. We recommend six to eight leaves per cup with multiple steepings.