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Fruit Tissane | 12oz Raw Honey


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Though known specifically as Orange Blossom, this variety of honey is produced using a range of citrus nectar including grapefruit, lemons, limes and, of course, oranges. Known for its recognizable aroma, Orange Blossom honey is dense and richly sweet. It has a light amber color which is known to darken over time.
Thumbnail of Green Tea | 12oz Raw Honey
Our Raw Honey for Green tea is a specially selected variety of Goldenrod Honey. With its light, gently sweet floral profile it enhances your tea drinking experience and is perfect for both green and white teas.
Thumbnail of Rooibos | 12oz Raw Honey
Our Raw Honey for Rooibos is produced from the nectar of Japanese Knotweed. The distinct dark amber color and deep, rich flavor make it a superb choice for sweetening your rooibos teas.
Thumbnail of Matcha Honey | 12oz Raw Honey
Delectable Matcha is balanced by decadent honey in this smooth and flavorful sweetener. Add a touch to any brew to enhance the flavor with sweetness and bright, green complexity. Note that Matcha is a green tea, and is caffeinated.
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Produced from the nectar of the Black Locust plant, we hand-picked this Raw Honey specifically for its ability to complement our fruit tisanes. This light amber honey is known for its delicate fruity aroma and slightly acidic flavor profile with hints of vanilla.

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