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Floral Green Tea

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Thumbnail of Jasmine Green
This jasmine tea is a wonderful smelling hand crafted tea. Only the finest jasmine flowers are used in the process of producing this tea. Young tender green tea tips are mixed with Jasmine flowers giving this tea a great bouquet.
Thumbnail of Jasmine Pearls | Organic
Tippy leaves are hand-rolled and scented with the finest quality Fujian jasmine flowers. It has an excellent aroma and sweet aftertaste. This tea can be steeped multiple times, with the flavor and caffeine slowly decreasing in intensity with the next cup.
Thumbnail of Jasmine Nights Green
Jasmine Nights is a lovely blended green tea with a hint of mint and the light aroma and aftertaste of Jasmine and Cardamom. It is light, energetic, delicate-bodied tea, perfect for cool summer nights. It is an especially good green tea for those that dislike the grassy flavor of more pure greens. And because it is a blend, it is also more forgiving during the brewing process than pure green teas.
Thumbnail of Lavender Green | Organic
This tea is a unique blend of green tea, lavender and peppermint herbs, particularly because lavender is actually the main aroma and flavor of the tea. In most cases, peppermint tends to dominate a blend; in this tea, the peppermint actually enhances the flavor of the lavender, while lingering only in the background as a subtle hint and aftertaste. If ever there was a good bedtime green tea, this blend would be it. (Though green teas before bed are only recommended for those who have cultivated an immunity to caffeine!)
Thumbnail of Vanilla Green
The punchy quality of the rolled Sri Lankan green tea is significantly reduced with the delicious vanilla flavor. The resulting cup is a like a warm hug on a cold day; mellow and sweet and just the thing to disappear from the world!
Thumbnail of Sweet Surrender
A unique blend of floral and fruity teas that yields smooth memories of summer garden parties. Naturally sweetened with stevia so there is not need to add any extra sugar.
Thumbnail of Lavender Lemon Green
A robust blend of tart lemon with the sweetness of green tea makes this tea excellent iced or hot. The robust flavor of the tea is produced from the rolling of the leaves which breaks down the leaves cells, bring the flavor to the surface. Combine this with the high acidity of the lemon makes this tea great for recharging your batteries in the afternoon or to start one's engine in the morning.
Thumbnail of Sunday Symphony
Tender yellow and white tea leaves combine with notes of pomegranate, rose and cardamom into a perfect symphony of flavors