Bright Yellow | 30oz Cast Iron Teapot

New Mexico Tea Company
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Holds 30oz, 887ml, approximately 4 cups

All the tradition of cast iron but with a modern aesthetic, this pot will help you stay you sunny and cozy for years to come!

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Materials Used

Lead-free enamel, Cast Iron

Care Instructions

We do not recommend that you regularly boil water in your tetsubin for a variety of stylistic and practical reasons. The major one being that the enamel lining can become damaged over time through intense heating, cooling, and reheating.
  • Before using to make tea for the first time, bring water to a rolling boiling inside the tetsubin. Discarded this water and start with fresh water for your first pot of tea.
  • After each use rinse the pot with hot water (do not clean with soap) and pat dry. Never leave tea in for extended periods of time.
  • Store Teapot in a dry place.
  • If rust should develop; Scrub the area with a brush. Add a tablespoon of black tea directly into the pot. Let tea boil for a few minutes. The tannic acid in the tea will create a natural seal on the iron.

Extra Info

This particular Tetsubin was made in China to strict Japanese tea master specifications. Impurities are removed from the cast iron through special chemical treatments during the production process, and a coating of misty black enamel is then applied to help prevent the development of rust. As the tea steeps in these pots, trace amounts of iron are absorbed into the tea which provides an iron supplement with is considered healthy.

Preparing tea: The teapot can be used like any other teapot for making any type of tea. However it is particularly good at making Japanese green teas.
Steaming Method: Put a tablespoon of Sencha or Gyokuro in the basket and set aside. Pour _ inch of boiling water into the tetsubin. Put the basket back into the pot with the lid on and let the tea steam for two min. During this time the boiling water in the kettle has cooled and is now at the right temperature to pour over the tea. Let the tea steep with this cooler water for two minutes and then remove the basket of tea leaves. Enjoy your pot of tea.
Without the basket: Place a tablespoon of tea directly into the tetsubin. Fill the teapot with the appropriate temperature of water (depending on the tea used). Use the infuser basket as a strainer as you pour into each cup.

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