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Thumbnail of First Flush Darjeeling - Moonshine
First Flush means that this tea was picked in March. It has a light vegetal taste that all first flush Darjeelings share. A tea for all occasions, though typically enjoyed without cream or sugar.
Thumbnail of Iced Passion
This tea is specially blended to make great iced tea. It is rich and smooth while not becoming cloudy when chilling. The fruit blend is a gorgeous smell that immediately whisks you off to warm island beaches, whilst the tea will keep you refreshed.
$3.75 Iced Passion
Thumbnail of Black Ginger Orange Peach
For those that love our Ginger Orange Peach White tea but need more caffeine, this tea is the perfect compliment! The ginger root and black tea make a nice balance to the fruity orange and peach flavors. Great hot or iced and lovely with a little bit of honey.
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