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Thumbnail of Tropical Gold | Organic
It has a musky guava-like character with a slightly acidic profile ranging from sweet to tart depending on the time picked. This profile makes it a perfect match with the astringency of our Ceylon tea. Fantastic hot or cold, this is one tea youll want to savor again and again.
Thumbnail of Black Cherry Cola
The sweetness of sarsaparilla is evenly balanced with the tart fruit of the cherry to perfection, making this tea a great party drink, hot or iced!
Thumbnail of Black Licorice | Organic
Do you long for the dark licorice candy of yesteryear? The type made by hand, that is not too sweet and full of flavor? Whilst we do not sell the candy, here is the next best thing! This tea has the joy of your childhood memories in a warm cup. No added sugars means you can enjoy this tea throughout the day.
Thumbnail of Sweet Souchong | Organic
This Sweet Souchong is a sweeter, less smokey version of our traditional lapsang souchong, a black tea originally from the Mount Wuyi area in the Fujian province of China. The tea leaves have been withered over pine or cedar fires, pan-fired, rolled and oxidized before being fully dried in bamboo baskets over burning pine. It is a great introduction to smoked teas without being overwhelmed by campfire taste.
Thumbnail of Nepali Noir | Organic
This premium black tea produced at Kanchanjangha Tea Estate has a distinct brisk flavor, with a malty body and notes of raisins and dark chocolate. Grown in the Himalayas, the aromas of fresh fruit and flowers with hints of caramel are enhanced by the high-elevation growing conditions.

Thumbnail of Sandia Spice
A special drink, which will rejuvenate your senses. The fragrant aroma of orange is accompanied by a light citrus and cinnamon taste that will warm up the coldest of winter nights or enhance an exotic tropical evening.

This tea also makes a nice morning energizer, or an afternoon pick me up, being tangy and vibrant. With ice this tea is a refreshing drink, with a refreshing combination of flavor and fragrance.

$3.75 Sandia Spice
Thumbnail of Royal Bengal Tiger
This tea has a slightly fruity and sweet taste of papaya and mango. Delicious iced!
Thumbnail of Vanilla Earl Grey | Organic
Organic Vanilla Earl Grey is generous on the vanilla, with delightful highlights of bergamot. Rich, smooth, and delectable, whether served as is, or with cream/sugar.
Thumbnail of Mango Mist | Organic
Fresh, piquant mango character with memories of happy days in the sun. Stunning over ice.
Thumbnail of Golden Assam
Assam black tea from the Harmutty Estate, graded as STGFOP-S, represents an exceptional tea with a rich, malty flavor, abundant golden tips, and larger, elegant leaves.
$4.50 Golden Assam
Thumbnail of Darjeeling Delight 4th Flush | Organic
The warmth and adventure of the full tea growing season can be smelled in the nutty, smooth quality of this Avongrove Estate China Delight tea. Steeped hot brings out the vegetal, earthy tones that have embodied these last picked leaves. The flavour can also be complimented with a dash of milk unlike Darjeeling Teas from most other seasons which are best enjoyed pure.
Thumbnail of Assam CTC | Organic
Crush, Tear, and Curl is a method of processing black tea. However instead of the leaves being rolled at a final stage (as a orthodox Assam is), they are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers with hundreds of small sharp "teeth" that crush, tear, and curl the tea. This process removes many of the more tannic parts of the plant, and therefore is great for boiling in water or milk for making chai.
Thumbnail of Nilgiri Indigo | Organic
Nilgiri tea is a dark, intensely aromatic and flavorful tea grown in the southern portion of the Western Ghats mountains of Southern India.
Thumbnail of Darjeeling Crescendo | Organic
Made in the late summer months from July to September when the estate is in full production with perfect weather conditions. This particular harvest tastes as fresh as the forest floor after a refreshing rainstorm. Fair warning, this tea can have a bit of a bite if steeped longer than five minutes but pleasant when cooled! The flavour can also be complimented with a dash of milk or sugar unlike Darjeeling Teas from most other seasons which are best enjoyed pure.
Thumbnail of Darjeeling - First Flush | Organic
First Flush means that this tea was picked in March. It has a light vegetal taste that all first flush Darjeelings share. A tea for all occasions, though typically enjoyed without cream or sugar.
Thumbnail of Assam Breakfast | Organic
A new, classic Assam blend from multiple estate teas with a traditional leaf style. Produced during June this tea embodies all the flavor and strength you expect from a top Assam estate. This is a great breakfast tea that is best drunk with milk or even cream.

Note: This tea is no longer Golden Assam, as there are no golden tips in this tea blend.

Thumbnail of Jinggu Old Tree Yunnan
ETA: late November/early December

Excellent fullness with subtle China sweetness.

Thumbnail of Blackberry Sage | Organic
Sweet and berry best with flowery undertones describes this tea. Try it with a touch of honey for a special treat, or serve with milk and sugar for a classic taste.
Thumbnail of Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend
This tea is specially blended to make great iced tea. It is rich and smooth while not becoming cloudy when chilling.
Thumbnail of Blood Orange Black
Blood Orange black was inspired by our most popular blend, blood orange rooibos. It has a similar flavor of citrus orange with a light vanilla undertone, however because it uses black tea as a base, you also get a nice caffeine kick.
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