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Black Tea Chai Blends

Chai Wallah
Chai Wallah in Kolkata India

The Chinese had two words for tea; 荼 (tú) and 茶 (chá). In Europe "tú" eventually became "tea" in English, "thé" in French, "tee" in German, and so forth. But in most of the rest of the world "chá" was used as the root for "Chai". Interestingly "trà" is tea in Vietnamese, which seems to be a combination of both.

So as you can see, chai simply means tea. However, when English speakers say "chai" they are most certainly referring to "masala chai", which means "spiced tea" and is a common drink in India.

The spices used can be almost anything, but in general they include ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and black pepper. (These are the ingredients we use in our blend.) These spices are combined with Assam CTC black tea and added to simmering milk with honey or sugar. The mixture is then strained before serving.

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Thumbnail of Vanilla Chai | Organic
Indian chai is typically made using a rich black tea, usually an Assam, and brewing it in heavy milk with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and pepper. The drink produces a warm soothing effect and engenders a wonderfully calming effect on the body. Vanilla adds a hint of creaminess - a fantastic addition. Brew this tea piping hot and scoop in some sugar to help open up the exotic flavor of this spicy blend. Just try and stop after one cup!
Thumbnail of Kama Sutra Chai
The Kama Sutra is a book on the science of love - Kama translates as desire, and Sutra means manual. In the spirit of sensuousness and discovery offered by the ancient text we offer this fabulous tea - a real mélange a spice and floral notes.
Thumbnail of Night of the Iguana Chai
To honor the complex themes of The Night of the Iguana, this is an equally complex chai. A full-bodied black Assam imparts the chai with a wonderful depth. Next, white chocolate, caramel, and a heady blend of spices from the Malabar Coast of India were added to the mix - sharp ginger, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper.
Thumbnail of Rajasthani Chai
This chai blend has everything but the kitchen sink!