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Black (Shou) Pu-erh

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Thumbnail of Kunming Black Pu-erh
Yunnan Chitsu Pingcha is produced from pu-erh tea through a process of special fermentation, aging, steaming and compressing. It's characterized by a bright red-yellow infusion, pure-high aroma and sweet mellow taste. It promotes digestion, is thirst-quenching and is even used to cure hang-overs. Drinking daily may also aide in weight-loss.
Thumbnail of Black Pu-Erh: Mandarin Orange
In some parts of China, a popular custom is to give oranges as a gift on special occasions. The reason is that in Chinese, the word for orange sounds like "Ji" which means "good luck." One of the things you'll notice about this tea when you brew it is the absence of the heavy musty flavor characteristic of traditional pu-erh. Certainly this character is still there but it is layered beneath sweet notes of citrus, the result of being packed in the mandarin orange before fermentation. As the tea ages, it absorbs the flavor of the peel.
Thumbnail of Topaz Puerh
A cooked style pu-er, made at one of the few certified organic tea gradens in central Yunnan. Can endure many steepings, and does not become astringent. We don't expect it to gain any flavor change over time, so this is one to drink when you buy it!

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$4.50 Topaz Puerh
Thumbnail of Iron Silk Puerh
A very strong puerh is blended with peppermint, clove, and licorice root to create a brew that is strong yet incredibly smooth. The additional ingredients add a tingly spicy note to the cup.
Thumbnail of Puerh Tuo Cha
This aged Yunnan puerh is shaped in small bowls, or "bird's nests." Use one bowl per small pot. This is a strong, earthy, flavored tea, with a surprising bright finish.

*Approximately 6 tuo chas per ounce.

**Each tuo cha is approximately 3 grams.

Thumbnail of Menghai Puerh | Black Loose
This organic tea is direct-sourced from one family and one farm. The family prepares tea in traditional manner by hand-picking, hand-processing, hand-firing and hand-rolling their tea; they are true masters of each step. This hand-crafted artisanal Pu er has never seen machines or chemicals, allowing for a great product today or decades to come.