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Natural incense assortment pack comes with one of each fragrance:

  • Great Origin: Sandalwood and cinnamon combine to promote comfort and insight.
  • Eternal Treasure: Well over 100 years old -- and based on an older recipe yet - Eternal Treasure is one of Shoyeido's most traditional, best-known fragrances. To nurture abundance and fortune.
  • Moss Garden: a blend of sandalwood, patchouli, and benzoin constitute this enchanting fragrance, evocative of plum flowers blooming by the windows.
  • Kyoto Autumn Leaves: cinnamon and sandalwood.
  • Golden Pavilion: This recipe containing sandalwood, patchouli and cinnamon was inspired by the spectacular Kinkaku-ji temple's reflection in Kyoko-chi pond.
  • Kyoto Cherry Blossoms: rhubarb, clove, cinnamon and other herbs and spices to create this refreshing fragrance. The rhubarb adds a pleasantly tart quality to stimulate the senses.
  • Five Hills: Five legendary mountains enclosing the city of Kyoto provide inspiration for this mellow, deep blending of cloves with the finest sandalwood from Mysore, India.
  • White Cloud: A fragrance inspired by the image of white clouds in a blue sky. Made from a decades-old recipe, White Cloud's high quality, earthy-sweet scent helps bring a moment of inner peace. Appropriate for casual enjoyment and formal gatherings alike.

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