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We here at NM Tea Co. think about tea every day, but that does not mean you need to! With our Tea of the Month Club you will always have an interesting tea to drink without ever having to guess what to order, or when.

Great, but what do I get?

Each month you will get 2 oz (or 20 teabags) of two different teas depending on your chosen preference.

You can choose between 6 different options for your individual taste preferences. You will get the most variety by choosing the first option, "All Types of Tea & Tisane" but we know that not all tea is everyone's cup of tea.

When will my shipment arrive?

Your first order will ship immediately, and then you will receive a new package of tea every 30 days, just as your last shipment is running low.

Other FAQ

Is there a shipping cost? There is no shipping cost when shipped within the United States!

How do I cancel? You may cancel at any time through your account page or by calling us two days prior to shipment.

What if I don't like a tea? If the prospect of trying a tea you might not like is worrisome, it would be better to order the specific teas you already like.

Can I buy for a friend? The tea subscription can be shipped anywhere. You even have the option to set an expiration date under the billing tab to the right. When you checkout, we will ask for your friend's shipping address.


I have been a member for years the tea is always the best .


5 Stars

I moved away from New Mexico in 2019 and was missing it a lot so I decided to get a monthly tea subscription from one of my favorite businesses. This monthly tea club is worth WAYYYY more than the cost and is such a steal, especially if you love trying teas but hate committing to larger quantities. The customer service is fantastic, the shipment always comes undamaged and on the same day each month, all of the teas are of great flavor, and each tea comes with a matching cute postcard! Also, don't get the sachet subscription... Buy a steeper AND SAVE THE PLANET!!! If you're committed to getting two types of tea each month, I promise it's time to do the environmentally conscious thing and graduate to a steeper!


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Verified Purchase
5 Stars
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