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Thumbnail of Wild Thai Green | Organic
Wild Thai Green is an amazingly refreshing and energetic drum-roasted green tea harvested from the antique Assamica gardens of northern Thailand. The elder tea trees growing in this remote micro-climate offer a unique aromatic complexity that reminds tea tasters of the higher grades of sun-dried Saiquing teas from Yunnan.
$4.00/oz - $/lb Wild Thai Green | Organic
Thumbnail of Blue Oasis
Brewed to an oceanic color using Thai pea flower, this tea is a blend oolong and white teas of fruity, delicate notes that are sure to teleport you straight to a sandy beach.
$4.00/oz - $/lb Blue Oasis
Thumbnail of Jade Green Sand | 12oz Banko Kyusu
Kyu Banko is a sotneware (banko) teapot (kyu) made in the Tokoname region of Japan, an area valued for producing prize-winning ceramics. The unique design of Japanese teapots can be seen in the 90 degree angle of the handle to the spout. This allow for one hand to simultaneous hold the lid whilst pouring a cup. Interior fine mesh filter completes the functionality.
Thumbnail of Bunny Through the Field | Tea Set with Bamboo Handle
This tea set comes with four cups.
Thumbnail of Oishi Sushi Fish | Japanese Ceramic Cup
These Japanese mugs have an assortment of fish used in sushi around the entire cup.
Thumbnail of MofuMofu Squirrel | Mug
Sweet little squirrels are immortalized with their bounty on this microwave and dishwasher safe mug.
Thumbnail of Tanzania Black | Organic
The soil conditions and altitude in the Usambara Mountain estate combine to give this Assamese varietal distinctive fruit notes in compliment to the traditional malted flavor profile.
$3.50/oz - $/lb Tanzania Black | Organic
Thumbnail of Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask - 18oz | Astronomy
A vacuum-insulation will keep your drink hot or cold, no matter how long you sit in wonder of spacetime!
Thumbnail of Bamboo Mountain Oolong
Offering a full, sweet, floral fragrance in the classic Taiwan green oolong style, this tea hails from the Zhushan region, or “Bamboo Mountain.” Low oxidation and light roasting contribute to the bright, floral fragrance and sweet, crisp body. A lighter brew than the more roasted oolongs, but with an equally long finish and multi-layered character.
$7.25/oz - $/lb Bamboo Mountain Oolong
Thumbnail of Shangri-La Oolong | Organic
This premium loose leaf oolong tea offers a baked, biscuit-y aroma with high notes of pepper. The full-bodied brew features smooth woodland flavors, with a touch of caramel, malt, and a subtle hint of verdant green qualities.
$8.25/oz - $/lb Shangri-La Oolong | Organic

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Posted on 1/11/2022
“Miller is bouncing off the walls today. Luckily, I got what I need for that extra boost of energy to keep up with my crazy little nugget. I love the happy smell of Energize tea from NM Tea Co. It has a delightful taste and perks you up without the jitters."
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Photo Contest - Tea B-Roll
Posted on 1/4/2022
“A short video of the brewing process of the decaf earl grey tea.”
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Photo Contest - Blooming Tea Ball in the Shape of a Teapot!
Posted on 12/28/2021
“When I saw this tea at the shop, I could not Resist its Cuteness! Tea leaves and fragrant flowers, tied together by hand, bloom in a water dance before your eyes! Tasting like a fruity, tropical mixed drink you would get at a fancy beach resort. Super Fun to watch, and very gentle and easy brewer. I hope they will get more of these guys in!”
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