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Thumbnail of New Mexico Breakfast Blend | Organic
This blend of pure black tea resonates with the waters of the land and says, "Good Morning!" in a cup. Or "Hello Evening! We're going to be working late together," for those days you just need to hustle. Blended specifically to work well with New Mexico tap water, but is also a beautifully blended breakfast tea with any water. Flavor notes are subtle and sweet, and still come through with subsequent steepings. Enjoy with milk and cream or chilled as an iced tea.
Thumbnail of Mugicha (Barley Tea)
A staple drink in East Asia, Mugicha is the Japanese name for roasted and ground barley that is a favorite summer iced drink. In Korea, the name for barley tea is boricha, whilst in China it is called damai cha or mai cha. The taste can be quite robust when brewed warm, similar to roasted coffee, but becomes more smooth to the palate when chilled.
$2.25/oz - $/lb Mugicha (Barley Tea)
Thumbnail of Bunny Through the Field | Tea Set with Bamboo Handle
This tea set comes with four cups.
Thumbnail of Orange Flower and Vine | Tea Set
This tea set comes with four cups and a tea pot with bamboo handle. There is a built-in filter between the spout and body of the pot. Cups measure approximately 2" wide by 1.75" tall.
Thumbnail of The Emerald Collection
A survey of great green teas.
Thumbnail of The Essential Collection
All the best pure teas from each type of tea category.
Thumbnail of Gold Europa Blu Mari | 22oz Cast Iron
Cast iron teapots were first created in ancient China and then adopted and further developed by the Japanese. Tetsu means "iron" and "bin" translates to pot. These practical and decorative teapots symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world.
Thumbnail of The Spiced Chai Collection
Sampler of our best chai teas. Includes four black chai tea varieties, two highly caffeinated chai teas (eg Roasted Mate Chai and Guayusa Chai) and two caffeine-free chai teas (eg Rooibos Masala Chai and Masala Spice Mix). The Masala Spice Mix is a blend of just the chai spices so that you may enjoy it on its own or with your favorite cup of tea to "Chai It Up!"
Thumbnail of Animals | Mini Puzzle
The World’s Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles are the is a the perfect activity for an afternoon!

Includes 204 die-cut pieces.

Fully assembled puzzle measures 4×6 inches.

Use the tweezers included to assemble the puzzle.

Suitable for 8+ years.

Thumbnail of Painted Wave | Cup

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Posted on 10/5/2021
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Posted on 9/28/2021
“I tried to take a picture of just the tea, but my cat wanted to get in on the action. Floral and juicy Tie Guan Yin, I brewed this tea for at least 2 liters before I had to get on with my day. It is a wonderfully gentle and forgiving tea, the
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